Sometimes you have something planned or a certain goal in mind, but it doesn’t seem like it is working and you’re not getting any closer. Instead of getting angry and frustrated, realise things need time to develop. They need time and attention, nurturing and care. Accept where you are.

When you keep focussing on things that cause you fear or stress, your energy goes down the drain. By reacting, you keep telling the universe it is something you want to engage in. When you focus on remaining positive especially in a difficult situation, it will support you and carry you half way home to a fulfilling world and reality. The time is here to start trusting yourself deeper. You’ve learned a lot in life and you can rely on this, and by practicing things you get better every moment. When you trust yourself and don’t lean on other people (for opinions, validation, unhealthy support), you feel how powerful you
really are and contentment arises. See every moment as a beautiful opportunity. Even though sometimes you feel not totally secure. In any situation emotions can arise, and it depends on you how much energy and focus you spend on it, how much you allow emotions to distract you from you goal. Accept your emotions, but shift your focus and don’t let them run away with you. You don’t have controle over big situations but you do have controle over how you decide to react. When you see every moment as a new opportunity, you can always start again any time.

With love ♡

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