When it is time to choose a new direction, realise you never have to hurry. Time will ripe the fruits, hurry is unnecessary and will only gives us something sour and unripe to eat.

You are loved and blessed especially when you follow your natural pace. It might not seem like that in the moment itself, as your ego-self knows you and is skilled in pressing any buttons of fear, thinking thoughts like “I will miss the moment! I need to act NOW!” and so on. However in time you will start to see you are truly free to take all the time you need. Only your pace is all that matters. Everything has a natural rhythm and when we listen to that, we can never go wrong. You might get overwhelmed with emotional turbulence, and you might have feelings of hopeless and incapability but those are just feelings. They are not necessarily the truth. You might even feel guilty for taking your time, however know that all these emotions do not support your process. Do your best to be in the moment and don’t project from the past or into the future. Simply trust yourself and that all will fall into place. Things will happen in the right way at the right moment. This is alignment. Then you can gracefully dive into it and truly approach it from all the layers of your being, without and within. You don’t need more time to overthink it.Deeply down you know what to do, and you are already ready for it!

With love ♡ Gulschen

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