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Healing Circle Sunday 17 Sept 16.00 CET 2023 - Language English

Chystalline Healing Circle - Mitte, Berlin

Healing Weekend 16- 17 September 2023 - Language English

Heart Healing & Soul Journey - Agape Zoe, Berlin

Sunday 17 Sept - Monday 18 Nov 2023 - Language English

Private sessions - Mitte, Berlin


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Going against what is popular  

To be spiritual is to be normal.

To be normal is to be spiritual.

Imagine a version of you that is free of stress and pain, that is simply resting in peace and unconditionally loves life and everything it brings. My aim is to help you to remember and reach this place of grace, which is accessible to anyone at any time. I help you to stop and slow down for a minute, and objectively look at any buried patters that you are ready to let go of and might be currently holding you back in your life.

Simply by looking at them and acknowledging them, old emotions and thought patterns can be released and blockages can be removed so your energy can flow free again. You are restored to your natural and joyful self, a place from where you can now create a different and more deeply fulfilling life from. Feel the love that is inside you and that the universe offers us, and let it radiate out into all aspects of your life. Bring back the balance. Energy is at the centre of everything (as both religions and scientists agree upon), and that is the place where I work from.

My work as an intuitive healer & life coach is to help bring you back into your natural alignment. In a healing session, a editation or a soul session I meet you on the higher level of the soul where we both come from a place of deep empathy, compassion, universal understanding and forgiveness.

 Working with me means to bring forward your innate potential and help you let go of anything that is blocking you – physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually. My technique is to deeply feel your energy field (aura & chakras) which holds all the information. 

In the end you heal yourself, I merely provide the space for you to do so.

"Every person is a unique expression of source consciousness."

Impressions of a Workshop

Impressions of a Retreat