... the most powerful and influential experience in my own healing journey

Having our own health and healing retreat centre has given me the chance to work with a lot of different healers. Gulschen’s approach to healing is both profound and very powerful, and delivered in a safe and compassionate space. I have no hesitation in saying that my sessions with Gulschen have been the most powerful and influential in my own healing journey.

Pat Reardon, Brisbane – Australia Managing Director Natural Instinct Healing Bali – Australia

Gülschen is a blessing

Working with Gülschen will ensure to bring forward your innate Inner Strength, Beauty and Truth. You will be able to connect and integrate a state of Divine Peace that will ripple out into your life and nurture many parts of your existence, including your relationships, your body, your emotional and your spiritual life. Blockages in the form of shame, guilt and self denial are removed and you are gracefully transmuted back into your Higher Self you always were. Gülschen is a blessing and working with her is an empowering, transforming and beautiful experience.

Selianthe Ka, Berlin – Germany

... she has catapulted me forward in my souls journey, big time

“Gulschens work is very powerful. She has been able to connect myself to my souls agenda, guides and helpers.
She helped me open up doors that would have taken years if not lifetimes to be able to open by myself.
She is a very skilled healer and medium and balances these traits in a elegant way.
Thanks to her vision and healing capabilities she has catapulted me forward in my souls journey, big time.”

Andreas Engblom, Stockholm – Sweden.

Gulschen is in my heart now

A friend of mine recommended Gulschen when I was in need of clarity and understanding of things I couldn’t seem to figure out myself at that point. Gulschen is very down to earth and very intuitive at the same time, which is a golden combination. With humour, integrity and loving kindness she has helped me to understand and embrace deeper parts of myself, and where necessary to clean up parts of my being / awareness. I feel grateful I have come to understand and embrace myself at deeper levels. Gulschen is in my heart now.

Clarent Savi, Amsterdam – The Netherlands