As you know, on December 21st 2020, we passed through the last portal that definitively puts us in the Age of Aquarius. For the past 10 years, Sananda has faithfully passed on the portal days to you, but now it is no longer necessary. The goal has been reached, we all are in the Aquarian era. Which means that there is now so much support, Love and Light coming from the cosmos that we no longer need the portal days. Continue to trust yourself, your intuition and the divine energy. In the coming months, many things will emerge that have not been able to bear the daylight. Stay with yourself and make your own choices, don’t be tempted by what others think you should do.

With love, Gulschen

3 December

8 December

12 December

16 December

22 December

27 December

31 December

::: Days of Healing :::
Portal days are days when the veil between the Cosmos and the Earth is more thin. Portal days are “crossroads of time waves” that enable you to receive a deeper knowledge of the Cosmic Consciousness.

Things are shifting: we’re entering a new time with new energies, a time of healing. As we’re moving more and more into the Age of Aquarius, the veil is getting thinner and energies are changing. Some traditional portal days are no more. New ones start to arise and these energies can have a strong impact on your system. When you’re sensitive you can sense that things are shifting day by day, and if there are things crumbling and changing inside of you – through for example gaining new insights – old pattens are opening up. If things start to surface, be aware that part of it is also due to the shifting of energies. So try not to get all wound up about it. Just let it slide off and change your focus, and open yourself to the healing times that are in front of us. You can prepare yourself to open up to the download of Cosmic Knowledge on to the portal days and work consciously with these energies, like by setting your intension. You can focus on the themes you are working on. Doing this you can receive instant transformations and awakenings in high-speed.

Those of you that have reached a high level of sensitivity tuning into the high energies will experience these moments in a more intense way. Don’t be surprised by signs of influence, like being unable to sleep. This can occur during the days before, as well as the days after. And during the day itself of course. Experiences of headaches, high or low energies, buzzing or tingling can be felt in the body. You can also feel like having a flu, and feeling hot or cold. Reward yourself, be kind to yourself that you have noticed these type of sensitivities in the body. And if you didn’t notice it please don’t worry about it. You can check the calendar to see if your difficult days are connected to full – or no moon days. Calm the mind with the knowledge that you have these experiences being sensitive to energies. Because you are sensitive the angels / spirits are anchoring these energies via your system on Earth. Especially on these days they’re downsampling energies from Etheric Ashrams (or higher places).

Acknowledging these special days and being aware that you’re sensitive to energies will help you to deal with the shifts more elegantly and gracefully.


With love and blessings,

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