Healing Meditation

I invite you to inspire you in finding your ticket to inner paradise.

To live in awareness is for all of us, but sometimes you just need a little support. I would like to invite you and inspire you to become more aware of what’s moving inside of you (physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically) so you can learn to connect to your self and nurture your needs. By meditating you are getting more in contact with your self and your passions, and it will increase the feeling of joy and contentment when you allow blockages to be released. You can learn to express difficult issues in a connected way, but without getting absorbed in the drama or suffering of it, and without judging yourself or someone else.

Meditation is when your transcend the fiscal body and mind. So that you are in that state which is in touch with the source. This is the base of body mind. The base of creation is to be in the state of no body no mind. Meditation means ‘to be in the moment’. When you are happy and laugh you are not thinking of the past or the future, you just simply are, which is the state of meditation. During the group session I connect you with your own inner divinity so your natural balance can be regained.​

During Healing Meditation I work with:

  • silent meditation
  • guided healing meditation
  • sensing, walking, relaxing and breathing meditation
  • chakra healing
  • healing the layers of the emotional and physical body
  • different energetic fields to release blockages

During the meditation one may experience changes of energy in your body such as: heat, tingling, or even seeing colors. Memories and emotions may also arise.

After the Healing Meditation it is recommended to listen to your body. It is possible that you feel like a nap or taking it easy. When emotions come up, just embrace them, send love, patience and understanding and they will dissolve.

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