​Healing Weekend via Zoom
"Face & Heal Your Inner

1​7-18 Oct 2020

​Amazing Souls,

I'm excited to invite you to the Healing Weekend, "Face & Heal Your
Inner Shadow". We'll work on acknowledging trauma and moving beyond shadows.

If you feel the call don't hesitate to save your spot, I'm looking
forward to stepping into the Light with you.

For more information check out www.gulschen.com

With love & blessings,

Online Weekend Workshop: Face  & Heal Your Inner Shadow
Coming Clean: Facing Your Inner Demon
Acknowledging trauma: Moving beyond shadows


Join me on a beautiful journey to learn how to handle the dark sides
within you. Learn how to gently heal trauma, depression and abuse, as
well as other deep-rooted issues that are troubling you and keeping you
away from your heart’s desires and potentials.

We all have dark sides within us, but for those of us who carry trauma
within our system, this darkness can go deeper. The unconscious patters
and shadows keep running our lives in ways that block our potential and
happiness. These shadow sides subtly work to sabotage our progress,
self-esteem, self-love and success. To free ourselves we have to look
this inner demon in the eye. I invite you to dare to look, to embrace it
and make friends with it. See how its inner power can work for you
instead of being beaten down by it and spending our energy on having to
fight it.


When you carry a trauma, you can be stuck in depression, sorrow and
pain. And it can feel like you just keep repeating the same patterns.
How do you go by in life when you have had lots of trouble coming on to
your path? What did you do, or what are you doing to process and heal
your wounds? Or don’t they seem to heal, and instead seem to repeat time
after time? These deep-rooted issues keep being stuck in our systems
untill we make real peace with what happened. And still it can remain
our sensitive spot untill we have come clean with it for ourselves,
untill we have processed it all. Untill that time it will come up in
small or big situations and impose itself on you. As in truth its only
asking to be seen and healed.


Many times traumatic experiences are buried deep within our psyche, in
the unconscious parts of our being. By reliving the trauma in a safe
space via the subconscious, you are able to let go of the unknown
traumas that are holding you back form your potential. You are invited
to gently let go of the dark side within you and make peace with your
shadow that you are fighting with.

When facing our traumas we free ourselves from them. We will work with
our patterns, and allow it to receive its rightfull place as part of our
being. From this place, this shadow power can support you to step into
your strength instead of self-sabotaging yourself. Manny times when we
are afraid of our own power we self-sabotage ourself. Allow yourself to
become your best friend and fall in love with who your really are.


Give yourself a clean slate and allow yourself to truly move forward in
life. During the weekend myself and my wonderful Spirit Team will focus
on opening up your energetic and emotional system so that you can let go
of old suppressed energies and emotions as much as you can, and heal the
deep-rooted issues of trauma, depression and abuse. You have the
opportunity to truly work on yourself and free yourself from any
self-destructive patterns. You set yourself free to find your beauty,
your grace, your potential, your Soul. You will leave the weekend
feeling replenished, refreshed and reconnected to yourself. You’ll be
recharged and ready for life,


Example of a daily routine:

❥ Introduction

❥ Healing transmission

❥ Group sharing

❥ Purification, detox and healing exercises

❥ Relaxation

- Break - 

❥ Questions & answers

❥ Emotional deep release exercises

❥ Group sharing

❥ Guided healing transmission

❥ Relaxation

Regardless of any type of spiritual work you're involved in, this
practice will support & deepen your connection with it.

During the weekend you can work on:

❥ Healing deep trauma
❥ Healing depression
❥ Healing the effects of (childhood) abuse
❥ Facing your inner demons once and for all
❥ Control over your own emotions
❥ Feeling of not being good enough
❥ Reconnection with yourself
❥ Cultivating self love and self acceptance

Results are:

❥ a deeper sense of personal freedom and self-confidence
❥ clarity of mind & spirit
❥ pain and stiffness leaving the body
❥ posture straightening
❥ cell rejuvenation
❥ reset of the nervous system
❥ renewed energy & good vibes
❥ feeling of being *you* again

I N F O 

– Investment: €260,- (to be paid upon registration)

– Investment Early Angel: €199,- (until 01.09.2020) 

– Language: Dutch / English

– Location: Zoom from AMSTERDAM

- Sat-Sun 10.00hrs - 17.00hrs

B E  C O M F O R T A B L E
- Enjoy a bottle of water or tea
- Wear something comfortable
- You can lay on your coach or bed for the healing transmissions.
- Have a comfortable blanket and/or pillows
- For Qigong you can use a yoga mat, and wear comfortable cloths & socks.

Please note:
The work of the Angels will enhance your own practice. 

For more details and confirmation of your spot you can send an email

Looking forward to seeing you

With love,



Gulschen is an international renowned healer & coach, who specializes
in reconnecting a person to oneself through meditation and qigong.
During her healing weekends much transformation is possible, and she
lovingly empowers all people to stand in their strength and move into a
joyful and fulfilling life. For more visit: www.gulschen.com


From previous workshops:
"Gulschen’s approach to healing is both profound and very powerful,
and delivered in a safe and compassionate space. I have no hesitation in
saying that my sessions with Gulschen have been the most powerful and
influential in my own healing journey." – Brisbane, Australia

"Gulschen is very down to earth and very intuitive at the same time,
which is a golden combination. With humour, integrity and loving
kindness she has helped me to understand and embrace deeper parts of
myself, and where necessary to clean up parts of my being / awareness. I
feel grateful I have come to understand and embrace myself at deeper
levels. Gulschen is in my heart now." – Amsterdam, Netherlands

"Working with Gülschen will ensure to bring forward your innate Inner
Strength, Beauty and Truth. You will be able to connect and integrate a
state of Divine Peace that will ripple out into your life and nurture
many parts of your existence, including your relationships, your body,
your emotional and your spiritual life. Blockages in the form of shame,
guilt and self denial are removed and you are gracefully transmuted back
into your Higher Self you always were. Gülschen is a blessing and
working with her is an empowering, transforming and beautiful
experience". – Berlin, Germany

Terms & Conditions
With the submission of this registration form, you receive a
confirmation within 1-3 days that a place is reserved for you. With the
transfer of the down payment as indicated above, your participation is
confirmed as obliging and the place is firmly booked for you. Payment of
the full tuition fee is due at the latest 3 weeks before the start of
the event per Bank or PayPal transfer.

This is an educational event. The nature of the work is such as to
include deep personal processes of an introspective and meditative kind.
Participants are responsible for taking care of their own processes and
their own wellbeing at all times. The participation, including the
arrival and departure, are at participant's sole risk. The instructor is
not liable for damages of a spiritual, physical, psychological or
material kind.

Cancellation Policy
In case of cancellation, I reserve the right to retain a processing fee
of 100,00€. In case of cancellation 2 weeks before the start of the
event, 50% of the seminar fee has to be paid. From 1 week before the
start of the seminar 100%. You have the possibility to name a substitute

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