Join for an intimate gathering and activate your liquid crystalline
light body through a healing transmission to deepen your spiritual
practice on any level.

Sunday 19 September 2021
16.00hrs- 18.00hrs  - Language English

This is a warm invitation to everyone who feels called to work with the wonderful crystalline energies of the cosmos. I will open a gateway for the divine cosmic self-remembrance, and if you are here then this is your time to embody the liquid crystalline light and connect to your higher source and consciousness. This is a powerful transmission to open you to new waves of liquid crystalline light. In order for us to experience the liquid crystalline light, we must prepare the physical, mental, and emotional body, by clearing our system and bringing this meditative experience into reality, grounding it into the earth’s grid. 

I'll bring you in a deep state of stillness and quiet awareness, the state that is closely connected to your soul or higher self and the higher dimensions of the spiritual realms. You have the opportunity to truly work on yourself, meet your self and free yourself from any self-destructive patterns. You heal and accept your self where you are in your process. You set yourself free to find your centre, your inner strength, your beauty, your grace, your potential and your Soul. You‘ll leave feeling nourished, refreshed and back to your natural high vibe self again. 

If you feel ready to expand your consciousness and embody your liquid crystalline light self, then join me on the beautiful journey into remembrance. 

⊹ Receiving crystalline energetic updates 
⊹ Connecting to your divine source & purpose 
⊹ Balancing the physical, mental, and emotional body 
⊹ Removal of foreign energies 
⊹ Release of old, stuck emotional patterns 
⊹ Forgiveness 
⊹ Gratitude 


– Investment: €35,- (to be paid upon registration)

– Language: English

– Location:
Rolling Tiger
Reichenberger Str. 16A,
10999 Berlin

- Sunday  19 September 2021
16.00hrs - 18.00hrs

You're invited to wear clothing your body can easily move and breathe in // socks + scarf when easily cold // if you like bring sacred objects or crystals to clean and charge 

Register via the link below to receive all details. 

For more details and confirmation of your spot you can send an email

Looking forward to seeing you

With love,


⊹ IMPORTANT: Participation is only possible upon showing a valid proof of vaccination, recovery or a negative test result no older than 24 hrs 
⊹ This event will respect the mandatory safety rules that apply for all the public gatherings 
⊹ It will take place in a room that will be aired out as frequently as possible 
⊹ Places will be limited 
⊹ Disinfectant will be made available and can be used upon arrival 
⊹ Each participant will be free to evaluate at any time the level of closeness that he or she is comfortable to have with other participants 
⊹ Wearing masks will not be mandatory but allowed for those is us who feel more comfortable with it 
⊹ If at any time you feel like you're not in optimal health please send us your cancellation immediately and you'll receive a full reimbursement


C A N C E L A T I O N   P O L I C Y

With the purchase of the ticket your participation is binding. In the event of cancellation up to 2 weeks before the start of the event, the fee will be refunded. 50% of the fee must be paid 1 week before the event, 48-24 hours before the start of the healing circle 100%. The date of receipt of the cancellation notice by e-mail is decisive. You have the option of naming a replacement participant. 

T E R M S   &   C O N D I T I O N S

This seminar includes processes of a meditative nature. The seminar is not intended as a therapeutic room of any kind; As a participant, you are responsible for yourself and your own well-being at all times. Participation and arrival and departure are at your own risk and responsibility. The instructor is not liable for damage of a psychological, physical or physical nature.

This is an educational event. The nature of the work is such as to
include deep personal processes of an introspective and meditative kind.
Participants are responsible for taking care of their own processes and
their own wellbeing at all times. The participation, including the
arrival and departure, are at participant's sole risk. The instructor is
not liable for damages of a spiritual, physical, psychological or
material kind.



Gulschen is an international renowned healer & coach, who specializes
in reconnecting a person to oneself through meditation and qigong.
During her healing weekends much transformation is possible, and she
lovingly empowers all people to stand in their strength and move into a
joyful and fulfilling life. For more visit:


From previous workshops:
"Gulschen’s approach to healing is both profound and very powerful,
and delivered in a safe and compassionate space. I have no hesitation in
saying that my sessions with Gulschen have been the most powerful and
influential in my own healing journey." – Brisbane, Australia

"Gulschen is very down to earth and very intuitive at the same time,
which is a golden combination. With humour, integrity and loving
kindness she has helped me to understand and embrace deeper parts of
myself, and where necessary to clean up parts of my being / awareness. I
feel grateful I have come to understand and embrace myself at deeper
levels. Gulschen is in my heart now." – Amsterdam, Netherlands

"Working with Gülschen will ensure to bring forward your innate Inner
Strength, Beauty and Truth. You will be able to connect and integrate a
state of Divine Peace that will ripple out into your life and nurture
many parts of your existence, including your relationships, your body,
your emotional and your spiritual life. Blockages in the form of shame,
guilt and self denial are removed and you are gracefully transmuted back
into your Higher Self you always were. Gülschen is a blessing and
working with her is an empowering, transforming and beautiful
experience". – Berlin, Germany

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