Who am I


Already as a child it was easy for me to communicate with energy fields (or “spirits”) and animals. I enjoyed spending time on my own, just being quiet, drawing and being in nature. My earliest memories about having my gift is that people used to come and sit with me and talk to me about their problems, and asked me to take away their pains by putting my hands on them. Only later did I realize that subconsciously I had been practicing Reiki and Pranic Healing. During my teens I started with Reflexology and Massage, while studying art & graphic design.

For many years I thought everyone was able to communicate with the spiritual realm and easily sense the energy fields of people, animals, spaces and places. I started to participate in healing courses to learn more about my abilities. This felt very natural to me, as if I only needed to remember what I intuitively already knew. I believe we all have “psychic abilities” we can tap into and develop, such as clairvoyance, clairsentience and clairaudience. Many of us, however, think they have lost touch with their true essence, instinct and intuition – which is fairly easy in the fast-paced society we live in today. However, through subconscious identifications of the mind or in dreams we all still experience those abilities. Examples are sensing when someone is angry even when you’re not looking at the person, or dreaming of something that happens the next day, or the feeling of knowing a person or a place where you have never been before. I’m sure most of us have had these moments, perhaps more as children when we were more attuned and aligned.

For years now, every day, I’ve been practicing Qigong, Meditation and Chakra Healing to cultivate and expand my own energy field, and keep my vibration high and uplifted.

With love,