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Sun 27 Nov 2016 10 – 11 am Amsterdam time
Amsterdam Free Webinar
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We are happy to invite you 27 November 10 – 11 am Amsterdam time zone to a free webcast with Gulschen!

Gulschen will be offering free healing and talk, every webcast there will be a different theme.

Topics, can be: Sensitivity, Relationships, How to heal your body, Times of transformation…

This times topic: Sensitivity
We face many question based on the topic sensitivity. What does it mean to be sensitive? Does everybody has this ability? If you feel emotions, feelings of other people, does it make you strong? Or could it destroys your relationships? How to be sensitive and keep strength? How to express it to the world in a safe way?

Healing Meditation (Healing Transmission)

It is a free webcast, due to success we will do it regular. Please invite your friends and relatives to join us!

Free Live Webcast from Amsterdam, Holland
Sunday, 27th November 2016 – 10:00 – 11.00 am (Holland time)
Language: English
You can add life translation: Russian