Private Sessions

Usually I work directly on a person, however if someone cannot be physically present at a session I can also work through a next of kin or close friend. I can also work through Skype or telephone which is just as effective.

The session starts with a short silent meditation. I blend with your energetic matrix. Next I tell you what I sense and we talk about the information I received. Through my perceptions I then open and remove blockages in the different energetic bodies. During this process you may experience changes of energy in your body such as: heat, tingling, or even seeing colors. Memories and emotions may also arise. I always end the session by integrating and balancing the energy that has been treated. Part of the session is spoken and some is in silence.

When you receive a personal reading, we start with a silent meditation I then ask the name of the person concerned or deceased. I blend with the energetic matrix, I then sense and tell you what I perceive after which I communicate with your higher self, your guide or the deceased. Through this I can tell where stagnations lay in your emotional and physical body or communicate to you from the deceased. During the session you are led through a process of becoming more aware. So you are able to connect more to your own inner power.

After the session it is recommended to listen to your body. It is possible that you feel like a nap or taking it easy. When emotions come up, just embrace them, send love, patience and understanding and they will dissolve.