I work with many different spirits from the light. Because every light being has a specific job in making bridges for us to heal and regain our natural balance. I put light in the affected areas and through this blockages are released and energy starts to move properly again. I don’t physically touch people while treating them and work only with their permission.

With group sessions I use silent and guided angelic healing meditations, chakra healing along with aura healing, which work on one’s physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. I also use specific energetic fields to support a topic or area that needs healing. I channel what needs to be done and guide the spirits to work on blockages either in removing or opening them so stress can be released.

Apart form the above, during a private session the person being treated and I talk about the stagnated areas. In this process the spirits guide me in what to do for example, organ cleansing, removing of parasites, energetic cords, entities, family line patterns, etc. Since it is important for the client to participate it also works on their own conscious release of the stagnations.