Conversations with Angels

7 day retreat of realignment & reconnection
Learn to reconnect and communicate with your own intuition and the higher dimensions.

We live in a time where our systems, inner and outer, are changing faster and faster. By learning to be present and centred in every moment, we reclaim our sovereignty and learn how to flow easily and gracefully through life and it’s current fundamental shift. To reconnect to yourself, you get to truly know yourself, which is the key to understanding others. Through tuning inwards instead of outwards, we find the stillness inside. And through that stillness we can learn to connect to our True Self, as well as other dimensions and higher vibrational beings. Gain the deep understanding that we are an integral part of nature and all its wonders. We have the possibility to deeply experience ourselves, through our bodies, emotions, mind and spirit, reconnecting and reuniting via inspiration and the love of the heart.

Being present in beautiful nature restores our connection. Through meditation we access the calm, quiet space that is always available to us in each and every moment. Allowing us to move deeper into self-understanding for personal growth. Becoming mindful and maintaining a moment-to-moment awareness of our thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations, and surrounding environment. Deep acceptance of everything has the opportunity to arise, without judgment, just allowing everything to be, allowing us to be exactly as we are. Since in Truth we are already enough. You can learn to express difficult issues in a connected way, without getting absorbed in drama or suffering, without judging yourself or someone else. Most of all, you learn how to be free. To know oneself provides the key to understanding of – and compassion for others, through which conflict and duality can be released.

During the retreat we will work on:
– support with healing of the themes that you are currently dealing with
– opening up of your potentials
– learn to communicate with your own intuition
– learn to communicate with other dimensions and high-vibrational beings / energy fields that surround us (for instance your personal team of spirit guides / guardian angels)