About Angelic Housekeeping

Create an optimal home or business with high vibes for you to live and work in.

With Angelic Housekeeping you have the perfect opportunity to make your home or business more peaceful, harmonious, loving and joyful.

Since we live in hectic times we tend to bring all kinds of energies with into our homes or work places. Occasionally they stick around and we start to feel stuck, touchy and stressed. The heaviness – that you may even be unaware of as it’s become ‘normal’ for you – will be removed to create a greater sense of lightness. This will directly affect every aspect of your being, creating greater harmony as you move through your life. When your raise the vibration of your home or office you will experience a smoother Flow of Life. It will help you to become more peaceful, uplifted, calm and relaxed. Your guides and angels can then also connect more easily with you to support you more deeply.

Both myself and my team of spirits / angels can clean old energy from your home or business. We joyfully transform and take away negative and lower vibrations, transforming your place of choice into a clean and high vibe environment. You will no longer live in energy clouds of old thought forms and emotions. When negative or challenging experiences take place, the time taken to return to a neutral state of peace is quickened. This divine energy creates a greater Flow for your life. You will have more clarity for decision making and finding your direction in life becomes easy as you live in alignment with your divine purpose.

Sensing that the Angelic Housekeeping Service is working on your home or business depends on how sensitive you are to your place’s energy. Signs are for instance that you feel a sense of peace flooding into your home or office, or you feel a positive change in your home’s or business’ energy.

You can sign up with one house or business per email address. Happy cleaning!

With love,
Gulschen & Team